East Asia Knot School 12, Excursion TourPlan  

concept :   Center of Tokyo
Updated on 10 Feb. 2017.

Komaba -> Tokyo Station -> IMT Museum, Kitte Garden -> [Free Time] -> Komaba (Dinner)

Tokyo Station IMT Museum in Kitte, JP tower Kitte Garden
Shin Maru Building Terrasse A photo from Shuttle bus Tokyo Int. Forum (in the glass atrium)


13:30-- Komaba Lecture Hall
13:30--14:15   Move from Komaba to Tokyo Station,   by Keio-Inokashira and Subway (Ginza-line     and Marunouchi-line    )
14:15--15:30   InterMediaTheque Museum (WebSite), and Garden in Kitte, JP tower
The Intermediatheque is a museum jointly operated by Japan Post and the University Museum, the University of Tokyo.
Professor Kohno and UT Math. contributes some Mathematical Models to this museum.
15:30--17:30   Free Time   Recommendation List (1)--(8)
  (1) Shin Maru Building 7F Terrasse (free)   --- if the weather is good.
  (2) Tokyo International Forum (WebSite)
    The glass atrium may be the most well-known symbol of TIF.
    We can walk spiral walkway that runs along its glass-and-steel walls.
  (3) Yaesu Shoping cener B1F ,   in the other side Yaesu of the station.
    Best for souvenir: cookies, animation character's shop, ... everything
  (4) Book Shop Maruzen
  (5) Shuttle Bus (free, every 15min., 40 min.)
  (6) Mitsubishi Art Museum (1,700 Yen)
  (7) Ginza   (walk 15 min.)
    Ginza is a city of the oldest and most prestigious department stores. (WikiTravel)
  (8) Kabuki-Za (Kabuki-theater)   (walk 20 min., 5 min. from Ginza)
    Kabuki is a traditional stage drama, songs and music, performed by men. (Web Site)
    Its underground floor is Souvenir shops "Kobiki-cho".
17:30--18:15 Come back to Komaba,   by Subway.
19:00-- Dinner at Komaba.

Some choice for Free Time
Shuttle Bus (40 min., free) Tokyo Int. Forum Mitsubishi Art Museum

Ginza (walk 15 min.) Kabuki-Za Theater (20 min.) Kobiki-cho